About SETU

Ireland’s South East is experiencing a period of significant change through a rapid population increase, an economy that is diversifying in the light of shifting national, European and global environments, and a changing socio-cultural landscape marked by increased diversity, new patterns of population distribution and a new demographic profile.

The South East Institutes of Technology in Carlow and in Waterford are committed to the creation of an engaged, ambitious and proactive multi-campus Technological University of international standing which will be a key component of the infrastructure required to drive sustainable regional economic and social development.

It will provide leadership as the cohesive force at the centre of knowledge, research and innovation in the region and will also facilitate an external focus allowing the region to capitalise on other economic drivers, nationally and internationally. It will cultivate future generations of active and engaged citizens across the South East and will be a driver of social inclusion, social justice and of cultural and artistic activity in the coming decades. We are creating the South East Technological University (SETU).