Research & Innovation

Domain Leaders:

  • Dr Richard Hayes, Vice-President for Strategy, WIT
  • Dr Declan Doyle, Vice-President for Development and Research, ITC

Research and Innovation will be the lifeblood of SETU, bringing together decades of research accomplishment and excellence from both ITC and WIT. This will form an unbounded, collaborative entity, shaped by the talent of all our researchers and will focus on cutting edge, meaningful and impactful research projects.

The Research & Innovation Domain consists of six working areas:

1: Research Continuity

2: IP/TTO Priority Actions

3: Research and Innovation Strategy Development

4: Research and Innovation Impact with Industry / Region / Society

5: Graduate School Development

6: Convergence and Consolidation of Research Institutes, Centres and Groups

Our Work Groups are targeting the fundamental research functions of SETU and are exploring the ideas and shape that may take.

We are focusing on assessing the current Research and Innovation competence, structures and operations with a view to forming strong frameworks. We are examining the research capacity, capability, strategy and direction in each institute and focusing on developing a new strategic position for research and innovation for SETU and a consolidated plan for building research and innovation capacity and capability across the new entity. We are assessing the current Graduate Studies structures, resources and operations and identifying opportunities to consolidate structures and operations to become one consolidated Graduate School and service. We are examining the current Research & Innovation position of each institute with regard to engagement and impact with Industry/Region/Society and focusing on developing a unified and meaningful impact and engagement strategic position for research and innovation activities in and across SETU and the entire region.”