Our Mission & Values

We are committed to the creation of an engaged, ambitious and proactive multi-campus Technological University, read below to find out more about our Mission & Values.

We will:

  • Be a World-class new university that is recognised for our innovative, dynamic and engaged approach to partnership working with learners, industry, business and the community;
  • Pursue excellence in learning, teaching and research to develop our learners’ skills, attributes and knowledge in order for them to become global citizens who are connected to their community and have an international outlook;
  • Be technologically cutting-edge by leveraging the use of technology to break through the restraints of time and space to support learning, teaching and engagement in a multi-campus, globally connected organisation;
  • Offer a broad and comprehensive range of learning pathways which are accessible financially, geographically and that provide opportunities for employment;
  • Have an international reputation for research, knowledge transfer and enterprise which drives regional and national economic and societal transformation;
  • Be a regional, national and international partner of choice for staff, students, community, industry, business, universities and other stakeholders;
  • Provide an environment which supports diversity and equality of opportunity which fosters values, open-mindedness and creativity in the personal and professional lives of all who engage with us.

Our Values

Our values underpin who we are and provide us with the foundation on which our common identity and shared vision is fostered.


An environment of honesty, openness and equality of opportunity; where diversity is embraced and mutual respect is established through open debate, discourse and tolerance of difference in opinions.


A collaborative partnership based approach in all that we do,that values the co-creation of knowledge, research and learning with staff, students, and external stakeholders.


We believe in the importance of public service, commitment and accountability and through our connected approach make this visibleregionally, nationally and globally.


We have a passion for innovation and creativity and work with all our stakeholders to develop an environment conducive to discovery and enquiry through an interdisciplinary approach to learning and research.


We strive for excellence in all that we do, referenced to international benchmarks. We strive to provide a transformational experience for all who engage with us.


Our learning, teaching and research is guided and informed by real world challenges. We aim to have impact within our regional, national and international communities through the professionalism of our staff, the work readiness of our graduates and the reach of our research.

Our Mission

Our mission statement will help inform our strategic goals, it is based upon our values and the aspirations set out in our vision:

  1. Provide a broad range of learning opportunities at all levels of the NFQ informed by regional and national needs and exhibiting distinctiveness through an interdisciplinary approach.
  2. A strong student centred experience which focuses on equality of opportunity in relation to diversity and inclusion.
  3. Development of smart specialisation strategies that closely align research centres of excellence with regional and national priorities and the goals of international research and innovation programmes.
  4. A multi-campus learning environment, with a quality student experience aligned to guiding values and principles.
  5. Graduates who are work-ready, lifelong learners with an international outlook and the skillset necessary to navigate the global workplace.
  6. Openness to the co-creation of knowledge; recognising the strength of partnership working and putting in place mechanisms to support stakeholder engagement.
  7. Utilising technology to redefine the student experience, increasing accessibility and generating and disseminating knowledge to provide regional, national and international impact.
  8. A commitment to driving regional growth and prosperity through creating an organisation of international reputation that provides recognised expertise and learning to meet the needsof society and industry at regional and national level.
  9. Embed opportunities for international academic/research experiences for students and staff to develop global citizenship and highlight SETU as a destination of choice for international staff/students.
  10. A people-orientated outlook which supports the personal and professional goals and aspirations of our students and staff through the provision of a working environment which supports creativity and collaboration and provides opportunities for professional development.