Corporate Services

Domain Leaders:

  • Cormac O Toole, Vice President for Corporate Affairs, ITC
  • Elaine Sheridan, Vice President for Corporate Affairs & Finance, WIT

The Corporate Services workstream is tasked with the responsibility to ensure that all regulatory, compliance and legal requirements are met for the merger of the two Institutes and the operation of the new TU entity on establishment day. There are 6 working groups (WG) in operation, each with a detailed project plan in place to map the full transition and implementation of integrated services.

Finance - Develop strategy, structures, policies, procedures, contracts, key financial reporting mechanisms, Banking & Revenue requirements. Finance reporting structures in place. Overall structure and finance model to enable finance system adjust and budget system alignment.

Human Resources - To ensure that all legal, compliance and HR regulatory requirements are met to enable the new entity smooth operate on establishment and to ensure a detailed project plan is in place for full transition and implementation of integrated services.

Information Technology and Systems - tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that there is a clear and achievable plan that will ensure both Institutes can transition seamlessly, in terms of critical ICT and MIS systems, to a unified TU entity on establishment day. In addition, its role is to present clear strategic direction as to how IT and Information infrastructure, facilities and services will develop beyond this date in a unified way to support the needs of the TU.

Corporate Affairs - Develop and implement policies, procedures, processes and system requirements for finance, HR, IT/IS, institutional research and infrastructure services. Design a high-level organisation with respect to the above functional areas. Develop transitional arrangements to the new TU for establishment day, and beyond.

Institutional Research and Data – Structuring of quantitative and qualitative data collection methodologies and processes for a strategic approach to TU institutional data gathering and analysis to inform TU decision-making, identify indicators to monitor projects and trajectories.

Estates and Capital Development - Develop and agree a suite of design standards for the TU to ensure a consistency of quality, look and feel of physical infrastructure across the multi campus.