Researchers in WIT and IT Carlow begin a virtual knowledge sharing series

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March 2021
virtual knowledge sharing series

The research community within Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) and Institute of Technology Carlow (ITC) has developed a new initiative to enhance research and knowledge sharing within the region. The Research Brown Bag Series, launched last week, is a platform for researchers in both institutes to present their research, share ideas and identify possible collaborative research opportunities as part of the collective journey to becoming a technological university.

Addressing diverse multidisciplinary topics with potential impact on the region, the weekly series will alternate with experts from WIT and ITC each week. Core strategic thematic areas including health, engineering, ICT, humanities, business and the environment are being discussed with a focus on encouraging cross-institutional collaboration.

The Research Brown Bag Series is one of a number of research-oriented initiatives taking place as both institutes prepare to become a technological university but it is not the first. Researchers have been engaging with one another since the first Research Sparks event was launched in 2019, hosted by the research offices of both institutes. The first event in March 2019 saw ITC researchers welcome colleagues in WIT to Carlow where the community listened to five-minute pitches on research throughout the morning. The following October, colleagues from ITC travelled to WIT for a similar event.

Similarly, the Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Network encourages collaboration between Gateways – four of which are situated in the South East. Design+ is located in IT Carlow while SEAM, PMBRC and TSSG, soon to become Walton Institute, are located in WIT. Each Gateway has worked together on a number of industry-related projects and encourages a multidisciplinary approach to research and industry projects.

The concept of the internationally recognised ‘Research Brown Bag Series’ was suggested at a weekly TUSEI working group call and is expected to quickly develop into an invaluable asset to the research communities within WIT and ITC.

Sessions are lunchtime events held virtually via Zoom every Thursday from 1pm to 2pm and are open to all staff. The goal is to stimulate new research ideas, foster new initiatives and transdisciplinary collaborations.

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