South East employers back bid for TU status

September 2018

Businesses from the South East along with the Institute of Technology Carlow and Waterford Institute of Technology met with political representatives in the South East today to discuss progress in relation to the creation of a Technological University (TU) in the region.

Ibec South East Regional Director John Farrell said: “Business fully supports the proposed establishment of Technological University in the region. The Ibec South East Regional Executive Committee has long championed the provision of a Technological University for the South East. The establishment of a Technological University in the South East will have particular significance, as it will be the first time for a university to be located in the region. Many benefits will accrue from its establishment.

“The application represents a clear opportunity to facilitate business investment and growth in the South East. A university will assist in attracting high quality FDI investment. It will assist existing industries in attracting and retaining high quality and specialist senior staff, which is a challenge facing many businesses right now.

“The continued development of regions is a key strategic objective of the Government. The creation of the institution would support Government’s plan to drive regional economic growth and development under Project 2040. With a strong South East and enterprise focus, a Technological University will drive regional development.

“There is a climate of positivity and confidence about the South East regional economy. The ambition for the South East and the potential for growth is significant. The Ibec South East Regional Executive Committee believes a Technological University is the key to unlocking the great potential of the region. A thriving business community is directly linked to a strong education and research infrastructure.

University status will provide the new entity with the ability to provide greater alignment with business and industry in the region. It is vital that a properly funded Technological University for the region is established as a matter of urgency. We sincerely hope the application will be looked on favourably.”


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